Game-Worn 101: Your Game-Worn Jersey Primer

Whether you're new to the NBA & MeiGray Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program, or you've been collecting since the days before the 24-second shot clock, there's plenty to know about our fantastic hobby. By clicking on the links above, you can score some helpful background info and pick up valuable tips on game-worn lingo.

Game-Worn Glossary: A Language all its Own

Here's your handy dictionary of commonly used phrases in the game-worn jersey world. Now you can talk trade, whether you're a veteran collector or a novice looking to pick up your first gamer!

adidas – Manufacturer of jerseys worn by all 30 NBA teams.

Alternate or Alt.-Alternate style jersey. Many NBA teams wear a third jersey in addition to their home and road jerseys.

Autographed or Auto. - Jersey has been autographed by player.

Blood Set – NBA equipment managers carry an additional set of jerseys to every game. This set is an emergency backup set in case a player’s jersey rips, or the player suffers a cut that requires him to change out of his regular jersey. If this set is never used, it becomes a Game-issued or G.I. set (see definition below).

"C" - Captain. Occasionally a letter is sewn onto the jersey to indicate the player is captain of his team.

Chinese New Year Jersey – a jersey created to celebrate the Chinese New Year and honor the passionate NBA fans in China.

DND – Did not dress. This abbreviation is used when a player who is listed on a team’s roster does not wear a uniform for that particular game.

DNP – Did not play. This abbreviation is used when a player who is listed on a team’s roster is in uniform, but does not play any minutes in a particular game.

Double-Double - a performance in which a player accumulates a double-digit number total in two of five statistical categories—points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots—in a game.

Europe Live – NBA exhibition games played in countries throughout Europe.

Finals Sets – The jerseys worn during the NBA Finals, which are affixed with the Trophy Patch (see definition).

Game use - The manner in which game-worn jerseys are rated and described.

Game-issued or G.I. - A jersey prepared for a player's use, but never worn by the player. Game-issued jerseys occur for a variety of reasons including: A team might never use its Blood Set, a jersey might be produced for a player who is sidelined with an injury before he begins wearing a jersey, or a jersey might be produced for a player who does not dress for any NBA games.

Global Games – NBA exhibition and regular season games held in different countries around the world.

Hardwood Classics – Jerseys that replicate styles from seasons past.

Jock Tags – The tags sewn onto the bottom front of the jersey that indicate the jersey’s specifications.

LOA - Letter of authenticity.

MGG - The MeiGray Group.

NBA - The National Basketball Association.

Noches Enebea Jersey – a jersey celebrating NBA fans and players across Latin American and U.S. Hispanic communities.

Patches - Distinctive additions to the insides or outsides of game-worn jerseys that honor special people, celebrate special events, or highlight team and league anniversaries.

Pilling - The erosion of the material in a jersey that produces small pebble-like flecks. Equipment that rubs against a jersey is the main cause of pilling. Pilling is often a good sign of game use.

Playoff Sets – The jerseys worn during the first three rounds of the NBA Playoffs.

Pre. - Preseason. The jerseys worn in official NBA exhibition games, prior to each NBA regular season.

Pride Jersey – In addition to a home, road and alternate jersey, a PRIDE jersey mixes the idea of performance and innovation on the court and matches it with the style, history, and heritage of the team.

Puckering - The wrinkling of names, numbers, and crests. This is caused by the differing degrees of shrinkage between the jersey and the items sewn onto it. Puckering is often a good sign of game use.

Regular Season Sets - The jerseys worn during the NBA regular season.

Rest. - Restored. Something on the jersey was removed, replaced, or otherwise changed from its original condition.

Rookie Photo Shoot – Refers to jerseys worn in the NBA’s annual photo shoot event.

Stretch Jersey – a modified version of a team’s primary road jersey.

St. Patrick’s Day Jersey – a jersey that celebrates Irish Pride and St. Patrick’s Day and is primarily green in color.

Tags or Tagging - Sizes, wash instructions, set and season information, and manufacturer's information that appear on small strips of fabric sewn into the jerseys, or with ironed-on letters and numbers screened onto the inside of the jersey.

TC - Training camp.

Triple-Double - performance in which a player accumulates a double digit number total in three of five statistical categories—points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots—in a game.

Trophy Patch – A patch depicting the Larry O’Brien trophy is sewn onto every jersey worn during the NBA Finals by the Eastern Conference and Western Conference champions.